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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 16, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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24 years in prison for murder but after serving 12- rbgs justin boulat is knew free man. his next stop in life, hawaii. people are outraged. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's tom negovan is live in danville with details. >> reporter: allison, steve, people are outraged and we were hearing some of that outrage this noon hour.
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he is on his way to hawaii with a wife he married while behind bars in danville in 1997. this morning the earliest this convicted kill core have been released was 8:00 a.m. he was out the door and on his way by 8:02. a "chicago tribune" photographer quickly snapping a few photographs as the 33-year- old made his fast exit from his home of the past 12 years. pulling up a coat to cover his face. the driver of the pick up truck you see presumably his wife of the past few years concealing her face as well as they left danville and sped off to begin their new life together. back in 1997, justin boulat was a 20-year-old student at eastern illinois university when he admitted strangling his former girlfriend, 18-year-old andrea will with a phone card. he confessed. was sentenced to 24 years of first-degree murder. under more lenient illinois sentencing laws that gave you a day off for each day of good
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behavior. today he is out after a dozen years. on his way to hawaii with his wife whom he married behind bars in '07. two were childhood friends. she teaches medicine at university of hawaii and strong reaction is oming -- is coming to news of this release where the victim came from. >> my heart goes out to the family. member is irreplaceable. that's a pain that will be with them for the rest of their lives and to know the man is going on with his life doesn't seem fair. >> it isn't right. it isn't right. shouldn't happen and yet we see it happen all the time. it's ridiculous. >> bottom line, corrections officials say they just housed inmates. nothing could be done prior to today to forestall boulat's release. nothing can be done to interfere with his plans to
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serve mandatory three years of parole in hawaii. correction officials in hawaii tried to do something about it and failing. now vigils protesting this release happening across the country. there are two of them here in illinois. one in carbondale and other states including arizona, california, new jersey and hawaii. at the danville correctional center, tom negovan, wgn news. now back to you. for his final time as mayor of chicago, mayor daley has named a new ceo to run the chicago public schools. wgn's nancy loo live at city hall now with more on this story. hi, steve. terry is the fourth school ceo to be appointed by mayor daley and since the mayor is stepping down soon, he will be the last. in making the announcement within the past hour, mayor daley introduced him as the interim school ceo since it will be up to the next mayor to
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decide who should take the reins permanently. he is 54. he has been serving as ceo of the chicago community trust since 2004. but he has been a school administrator in michigan and california. now he is eager to carry on the sphish initiatives of the mayor and his predecessor, ron huberman. >> i see moving forward and continuing to take with a is in place and simply improve upon what exists. my-- >> now he is expected to work on the transition with ron huberman over the next few weeks pp huberman expected to step down on november 29. so far no official reaction to the new appointment from the chicago teachers union. live at city hall, nan nan, wgn news. thank you for that report.
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man was shot and wounded by police overnight after a foot chase on the south side. police say tackle officers spotted a man with a gun. in an area known for drug and gang activity. suspect ran away and the officers chased him. police say the man was shot after he aimed his gun at an officer. he is in critical condition. no officers were hurt. the cook county sheriff's department is asking for your help to solve a fatal hit-and- run accident in roselle. 31-year-old shawn moore was walking along the 1500 block of south roselle when he was hit last wednesday. most of the businesses and homes along that road are vacant and the road had limited traffic at the time of the accident. around 3:00 a.m. authorities say the vehicle that hit moore would have damage to its front, windshield and hood. two separate fires claimed lives of a little boy and elderly woman on the city's south side. first fire broke out in a home in the 5700 block of south
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damon. 72-year-old maddy griffin fletcher died and her husband her home and quickly spread. investigators say it was likely an electrical fire but the cause has not been determined. short time later three-year- old boy was killed in an apartment fire on south dorchester. investigators believe the fire started in the kitchen. neighbors saw the boy banging on a window. they tried to rescue him but couldn't get the door open. the mother says the loss will be especially difficult for her three sons. his great grandmother was treated for smoke inhalation. cases of a highly contagious stomach virus are on the rise in cook county. 46 clusters of norovirus had been reported and that's nearly double the number of cases from last week. many cases have been reported in schools, but the virus can spread quickly in other close contact areas like nursing homes and the work place. symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping and
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low grade fever. doctors say the norovirus can live on a surface for up to 12 days. cook county board president todd stroger giving his side of the story as to why his meeting with incoming board president fell apart. stroger and toni preckwinkle met last week. stroger says meeting collapsed when he asked her to keep certain people in their jobs. he claims she refused to discuss that. preckwinkle complained stroger wasn't helping to ensure a smooth transition but stroger says he will provide all of the cooperation necessary. up next on the midday news, found guilty of violating congressional ethics rules, the judge handed -- the judgment against charles rangel. >> wedding bells will ring at windsor palace. prince william announces his ae -- engagement. play ball, the message from cubs owner to state leaders. zthtjthththtjtjtjt@tjtjtjtjtétjt
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house ethics panel has found democratic congressman charles rangel of new york guilty of breaking house rules. rangel was charged with 13 counts of financial and fundraising wrong doing. he was found guilty of 11 of those counts. rangel walked out of the trial yesterday after he asked unsuccessfully for time to hire new lawyers. the full ethics committee will next conduct a hearing on the appropriate punishment for rangel then make a recommendation to the full house. hope is fading that three missing people in ohio will be found alive. police searched a lake yesterday looking for tina herman, her ten-year-old son cody maynard and herman's friend, stephanie spaing. they all disappeared wednesday
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along with herman's daughter. sarah was found sunday bound and gagged in the basement of a home in mount vernon, ohio. matthew hoffmann is charged with her kidnapping. not clear how well hoffmann knew the four missing people but police say he may have been watching them for sometime. candlelight vigils will be held for a missing girl
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monsoon rains surrounding buildings were also evacuated including one with another damaged foundation. and police in china are holding a crew of unlicensed welders in connection with a high-rise fire that killed 53 people and injured 70 others. the fire erupted in a 20 story building in shanghai yesterday. the flames started on the tenth floor and 13red quickly to ask afielding and nylon nets. firefighters were able to rescue more than 100 people but authorities say a number of residents are still missing. velgters say the welders may have accidentally started that fire. the issue of airport security for travelers and pilots is the subject of intense debate these days. some say those full body scanners and aggressive pat downs are necessary to fight terrorism while others say it's
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a violation of privacy. the latest person to weigh in on the matter chelsly sully sullenburger he is the man who landed the u.s. airways plane on new york's hudson river. shares frustration of çpilots who have to constantly go through security. >> what many airline pilots are advised to do in the interim until we get improved measures is to oment out -- opt out of the scanner and take a private screening with another airline crew member there as a witness. >> a national opt out day is planned for the day before thanksgiving. one of the busiest travel times of the year. passengers are urged to refuse body scans and pat downs. there is a major announcement from the royal family. clarence howls which is the official residents of the prince of wales announced that prince william and kate middleton are engaged. they got engaged last month during a vacation in kenya. they are due to marry next
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spring or summer in london. the couple are both 28 years old and they met more than eight years ago while students at the university of st. andrews in scotland. congratulations. some chicago restaurants qualify for a presstigious restaurant guide. we will tell you which ones made it. >> and touted as plan with the lowest premiums for seniors. why wal-mart's medicare drug plan may not add up for many. plus, boiled, baked or fried? the stuffed little dumplings make a great appetizer. butter nut squash, ahead in lunch break. with the capital one venture card
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we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a sword, a... oww! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to i wonder what it could be?! what's in your wallet? chicago cubs need $200 million to renovate wrigley field and they want the state of illinois to pay. wgn's muriel clair is live outside wrigley field with the very latest on this. >> yes, they have a lot of support, too. they are getting a lot of
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support from the union leaders here in chicago. they had a news conference today that suggests completing and that is it. and earlier cubs chairman wants illinois to float $200 million in bonds to finance the renovations needed at wrigley field and under his plan the money would be paid back by the amusement tax paid by fans attending cubs games. labor unions are supporting rickets and renovation effort primarily because they see it as a way to put some of their members back to work. and cubs chairman rickets is calling it an economic stimulus plan. >> we have publicly proposed is a public private partnership that allows us to reinvest future increases in the amusement taxes that are paid imi cub fans. >> this isn't about the cubs and not about the sox, not about north side or south side. it's about jobs.
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about 1,500 jobs for people. some of whom who have been out of work for one or two or even three years. >> daley said yesterday that he would not sign off on any agreement because he didn't want to saddle whoever his successor happens to be. and quinn has been very noncommittal on it. this is a around for sometime yet. i don't think the rickets family are through pushing this and as i said earlier they got a lot of support from labor unions. they were all here at this news conference that just completed just a few minutes ago. i'm live outside wrigley field, muriel clair, wgn news. billionaire sam zel does not expect to have any role in the operation of the tribune company once it emerges from bankruptcy scheme creditors take over. zel led the 2007 transaction that took tribune company
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private less than a year later. the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. zel has called takeover, quote, the deal from hell. in an interview with cnbc, he said tribune company is in dramatically better shape today than when he gained control. tribune company owns the "chicago tribune" newspaper, wgn tv and radio and other news papers and television stations across the country. i'm angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. three of the nation's largest wireless carriers joining forces to fundamentally change the way you and i shop and all you need is a smartphone. at&t, verizon wireless and t- mobile all joining forces today to form a joint venture that will build a national mobile commerce network calls isis. some are working towards making a new payment technology that could suplnt plastic credit
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card and debit cards. meanwhile report on industrial production that's a measure of output as factories, mines and utilities less than forecast in october. sign that limited demand is keeping a lid on inflation. official, music to both apple users and investor's ears. apple said it will start selling beatles music through itunes for the first time and that ends a decade long stalemate between the best selling group and the music largest retailer. lastly, got to congratulate. a chicago based and chef grant akit were awarded three michelin star along with elplenty. with that comes economic reward for chicago's economy. any restaurant that receives three stars could draw foodies from around the world and michelin says those three star restaurants including this can dpoact see a 25% jump in sales. checking markets for you right now, we are seeing red across the board today on mounting concern that china may step up
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measures to curb inflation. also ireland needing to tap international bailout funds. that's confirmed this afternoon and that's what we are seeing in the markets right now. those are your business headlines. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. financial problems have caused more american families to go hungry. a survey from the usda found that 15% of american households say they did not have the money to feed themselves at some point last year. that's more than 17 million families. the usda says number of households in that situation remains steady from 2008 to 2009. but that number tripled last year. and a record number of americans are now getting food stamps. that number is up 17% from last year. if your property was damaged in last year's summer flooding, tomorrow is the last day to apply for disaster assistance. federal and state aid is available for people who suffered flood damage from july 19 to august 7. you can apply
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on-line at disaster or call the number on your screen, 1-800- 621-3362. this disaster assistance can include grants to pay for temporary housing, repairs and other expenses. aid is available for residents in several counties including cook, carroll and due page. experts caution that a new medicare drug plan with a low premium may not be for everyone. the plan being advertised by wal-mart and humana has a prontlybush monthly premium of $14.80. half of national average. peckerts say med -- expert says medicare patients who get to wal-mart easily can end up paying high copay for prescriptions purchased at independent drugstores. under the plan, only wal-mart, psalms club or neighborhood market -- sam's clubs have preferred pharmacies. later, the first living service member from the wars in afghanistan and iraq is set to receive the nation's highest military decoration. but first, it's everything
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you expect at a world class hospital. only its patients aren't people. meet the vet. dozens of educators from weather bug schools in the chicago area are learning more about how the weather is being reported today. wgn's chief meteorologist tom skilling is taking part. tell us what it's all about. >> reporter: you have to come. we are in the studio next door here. studio 2. we have hundreds of educators from all over the chicago area, many of whom have schools with weather bug stations who are looking at installing a weather bug station. and you know how val thabl is. we are able to show you instantaneous temperatures of weather conditions across the 80-94. we showed our chase by tornadoes program and are talking weather, everything from climate change to why storms seem to split coming into the chicago area. so jim ramsey will be in to take care of weather duties on this show. jims-- jim is coming up. thanks to everyone here showing up today.
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thank you for being weather bug supporters. back in july a -- just a moment.
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we were taking a look at very special chicago veterinarian today. >> this doctor removed a cancerous tumor from an eel and helped a boa constrictor with a broken vert bra. wgn's dina bair spent the day with dr. karen pole of the shedd aquarium. >> shedd aquarium is known for exotic animals. you stood in wonder by the sea life and rattled by the reptiles but you likely haven't seen the sergeical suite, a full service hospital with ivs and a pharmacy where dr. karen
12:27 pm
pole's patients aren't people. >> the vets here work on everything from dart frogs that are less than a gram. really tiny to whales which could be over a ton. different bodies and different system and not one can tell her what ails them. it was a trainer who noticed this mora eel had a bulge. >> huge tumor. noticed the swelling. we did a full workout with expressways-- x-rays, barium study and elected based on the type of tumor to remove the mass. we took out the mass and at least six inches long with a three and a half hour surgery. four and a half hour anesthesia, sewed everything back together and the animal is doing great. >> can't even see the scars. now a six year cancer survivor. >> this is rico. he is a boa constructer. >> the day we visited rico was the first patient. a well visit. much like for a baby, they need chart his growth. >> question get a measurement on him. weigh the tip so it's 175 for a
12:28 pm
total length. and then what i will do is i will record that in his cheart and we will ender that in his medical roshed -- rrd. i will look that the in his eyes and look at -- >> and his spine. through x-ray, the doctor has actually scanned, diagnosed and treated a fracture. >> one of things we look at in reptiles especially is bone density. >> rico is strong and healthy. >> the bone density here in all of the ribs coming off here look good. lucy the iguana is having issues with digestion. >> is he still getting the fibrous supplement? and has he been flatulent? >> off and on. >> good time to make our escape. to the tanks. here researchers are studying effects of water temperature on yellow ray fertility. of course, pregnant momma need ans ultrasound. >> i can see the uterus right there.
12:29 pm
there is the follicles. >> all the rays sat still for their tests then we marched our happy feet to see the penguin >> she walks like a little old lady. birds get older like people get older. you start developing aches and pains and arthritis. >> number 55 was in great pain. no more. >> when you have a flare-up with their owe, we can give them nonsteroidle anti- inflammatory. equivalent of tylenol or aspirin. >> it's working. good and healthy for an old bird with arthritis. >> range of motion is really good. no clicking or cracking. >> a lot of flashing the next patient. biggest and best behaved. now to our gladly open wide for a teeth cleaning. >> very nice. i don't have to pull out the floss for him. >> but the petry dish. a blow hole check like a throat culture to look for infection. >> we will culture it to see what bacteria if any grows. >> he rolls over for every inspection. >> there is his ear. looks good. >> and then he tips his tail
12:30 pm
like we would offer an arm to find a vain for blood test. >> you see these branches? right here. those are vessels. so you can touch. you can run your finger over it you can feel a little depression. and so that's where he goes. you can go in and the blood flows out. >> now has a nice treat for being so good. his baby is learning the tricks. crying out for a little attention herself. >> keep on doing that. >> at four years old, bella is teething but she is not crying like a baby. >> they like to play on different toys and movies. >> like a child would. >> jump on them when they are teething. >> and give kisses. not a bad way to end an average day with an extraordinary physician. >> bye-bye! dina bair, wgn news. i had no idea. the doctor was called in after
12:31 pm
the gulf oil spill to evaluate and help protect marine life in the wild. >> there are no textbook rules. every case is a challenge and just jumps at it. >> we have another day of bright sunshine. jim ramsey has the full forecast. are you suffering from frequent heartburn ?
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try zegerid otc. it's the first 24-hour treatment with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient so it's effectively absorbed. for 24-hour relief, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc. jim ramsey joins us now. bottom line is we are about to feel what we are supposed to feel this time of year. >> that will probably be about two days away and the short run we will continue to see our temperatures a little above the normal. in fact, our present temperature right now currently is two degrees above the normal high for this date and we have a couple three degrees to go yet.
12:34 pm
>> that's good news. >> fairly mild. little chill in the air but it's supposed to. it's november. we are looking at temperatures probably dropping another 15 degrees or so on thursday. we will talk about that in a few homes. time lapse cameras showed the clouds. as you look to the south, the clouds are a little thicker than they are to the north. we were getting sunshine, but it's filtered by the high clouds. there is a very active weather system that's moving through the ohio valley and that's spilling the clouds over the mid west and parts of the plains. in iowa and minnesota more cloudiness associated with another system is also threatening to probably invade the chicago area. now, our present temperature currently is 49 degrees at o'hare airport. but take a look at that cold air up in canada, that's going to make a surge to the south and make its way in here by thursday and that will keep our air temperatures quite uncomfortable. across the region temperatures not too bad at the moment. most places in the upper 40s. even a few low 50s.
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no moisture much. dew point temperatures look at those numbers. very low for this hour. wind just barely more than a whisper out there. few spots five miles per hour or maybe a little more. got a little lake influence, too. if you are walking along the lakefront, wear a coat but it's actually going to be warmer there than in the inland areas. our temperature forecast, look at that cold air sinking to the south. that's thursday's weather right there. that is bit leer cold air up in canada. we were watching that for next week. but in the short run we will warm up behind the cool down on thursday. but then it's going to probably rain as we go into the weekend and then some of that very cold air makes a run on chicago about a week from today. so we will have to watch that. this is the radar. and notice this system which is bringing rain to the east coast and the ohio valley down to the mid-mississippi valley. and also we are seeing snow that's developed in parts of northwestern wisconsin and northeastern minnesota at this
12:36 pm
hour. but is that much more active snow system out on the rorocky mountains over into even idaho, washington, others, down into colorado and even parts of wyoming picking up snow. there is in fact a winter storm warning in effect for extreme western montana that could pick up several inches there and it's probably going to be a blessing to skiers who want to get in on maybe a little early season skiing. our computers look like this. you can see the cloudiness moving out and this system coming in through wisconsin bringing more clouds to the area over the next couple of days. behind it some clear sky and unfortunately the clear skies will make the air feel quite cool. notice even more clouds pushing across the dakotas toward minnesota, so we may have a cloudy period or two yet in the next search days. here is our forecast first of all for the afternoon. skies across the area. clouding up in a few spot was high temperature in the 50s. northeast breezes but not much to them. two to search miles per hour.
12:37 pm
tonight partly cloudy. light winds. 35 to 39 degrees overnight lows with a northerly breeze and the winds pick up on wednesday and showers arrive. notice the clouds increasing there northwest winds at 10 to 15. on thursday morning clouds, late sunshine. a day time high temperature between 41 and 45 degrees if we are lucky. there are some indications that some of you may have a high temperature that is only in the 30s. but let's hope for maybe a moment or two of sun heating up the atmosphere a little bit. we will call for 42, 43 for most areas high temperature thursday. it will be a short cold snap. some improvement expected beyond that and we will talk about that later on in the forecast. >> thank you. and here is our trivia question for today. which baseball team features a race at every home game where four runners wearing costumes race toward the finish line? pittsburgh? minnesota?
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than always a line for the bathroom. so, pipe up and ask your doctor today about taking care with vesicare.
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bulls begin their circus trip tonight at houston. home games until december 1 while the circus is in chicago. bulls will like to extend their three game winning streak during this time but this is usually a pretty brutal stretch for them. >> you see the defense there, your big guys are -- >> this trip will be something knowing no one will see us for a month and a half being away from home. it should be easy. last year it killed me. but just playing in the nba, being with my teammates on the road. eating them them and shopping with them. >> even if it's for a few days the wrigley marquee is now
12:41 pm
purple and so is most of the interior of the ballpark. of the wild cats host illinois on saturday. >> vision two years ago or 18 months ago was to create a bowl game during the season and take a bowl game here right in this wonderful city, the best city in the world and i think that's what's occurred. i believe that with all of the activity we have this week, it really does feel like bowl game. and reminder, you know you watch the bears take on the dolphins right here on wgn thursday night. pregame coverage from miami starts at 6:30. kickoff at 7:00. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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an army staff sergeant is about to become the first living soldier since the vietnam war to receive the nation's highest military honor. president obama will award the national medal of honor to 25- year-old salvatore junt off iowa. he-- giunta of iowa. he saved two fellow soldiers as insurgents were firing on him. the ceremony is set for 1:00 p.m. chicago time. the top senate republican is changing his stance on banning pork barrel project after seeing the results of the mid-term elections. projects are called earmarks when members of congress steer government money to pet projects in their states. republicans backed by the tea party say they have to go but
12:46 pm
want to ban earmark for two years because of the country's growing debt. senator mitch mcconnell is now supporting the ban. earlier this month voters across the country said they are counting on republicans to make tough decisions. they gave us a second chance. with this decision i'm telling them they were right to put their trust in us. president obama supports banning earmarks. the tight race for illinois' eighth district congressional seat may finally be settled later today. republican joe walsh leads democratic incumbent melissa bean by 347 votes. but his lead has been shrinking since election day. today, election workers will have the final tally of absentee and provisional ballots for the part of the district that sits in cook county. walsh's camp says absentee and provisional ballots need to be counted from lake and mchenry counties where he beat bean.
12:47 pm
prosecutors want former chicago police commander john burge to spend two dozen years in prison. the probation offices recommended burge spend up to 21 months in prison under sentencing guidelines but federal prosecutors dispute that finding with burge deserves a mibment -- minimum 24 year sentence. he was convicted last june of lying under oath. burge and men under his command were accused of shocking, suffocating and burning suspects into giving confessions. burge will be sentenced on january 20. the fda is taking action against the caffeinated alcoholic drink, four loko. the fda will not say just yet what that mover will be. but one option may include warning letters to manufacturers that the drinks are not safe. the fda will also see if mixing caffeine and alcohol is dangerous. this comes after states and wholesalers have banned or limited sale of the beverage. the drinks have been blamed for injuries and deaths of dozens
12:48 pm
of college students across the country. pope benedict will be available in high definition. today the vatican unveiled $6 million high definition mobile unit. this will allow the vatican to broadcast to the pope's massive audiences and trips. the unit was paid for by the knights of columbus and vatican tv. the vatican is worked to bring pope benedict's message to youtube, social networking sites. and angie lau mentioned in her report earlier, some chicago restaurants are receiving high honored today. michelin guide recognizes top restaurants in the city that received one, two and three star ratings. topping today's list are -- which earned each received three stars. avenues and the peninsula hotel, charlie trotters and ria and the alesion hotel received two stars. and 18 chicago area restaurants received one star.
12:49 pm
this guide also aims to boost chicago's economy. michelin says restaurants receiving three stars can expect to see a 25% increase in sales. well, they can be sweet or savory. >> chef from locale paneuropean restaurant shows us how to make these next in lunch break.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
it is time for our lunch break and the owner of locale joins with us a great
12:52 pm
thanksgiving tape of a european favorite. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations on your restaurant. it just opened in october. it's wonderful. and we will have some delicious food. >> start with the dough. if you like to help me and poor water in here. we have two and a half cups of flour, one egg, half a cup of water and will add some butter. and gets into the cohesive consistency. >> at your restaurant you like a proagy night. >> yes, dwoa. wednesday night. and you have a bar with different toppings. >> that sounds good. >> we love it. people love it. please come and join us one of those wednesdays. >> have to. >> once done with that and gives to the cohesive --
12:53 pm
cohesive consistency we will start using our hand. this is what it should look like. we have to make sure it keeps moist dough so it doesn't overdry and cutting circles if you like to try one. >> okay. >> i think we can use a little on the -- the butternut squash. >> already cooked. >> already roasted it with italian herbs. added cream cheese and also an onion and then pura that and -- purery out of that and then -- >> and i'm supposed to close it like this. >> close it like this. bind it together. you can pinch it so it sticks. and it's ready to be thrown into boiling water.
12:54 pm
>> i have a bunch of it while you were reading the news. i got started on that so we can go ahead and finish it. we take them out. so let them boil. and we can finish it off with butter. >> in the polish community, is it an appetizer? or the basis of a meal? >> it's the basis of a meal. we think it's the great sharing dish so we made it into a small plate, sharing plate. >> that's right. >> good idea. >> we are fin isishing off with butter and bacon for the vegetarians. hazelnet is a great substitute. and viola. butter nut squash. i will set them here so the camera can get a good shot of
12:55 pm
that. and that's the finished -- >> that's finished. and it goes great with a nice crisp white glass of wine. >> and what are the other fillings that you do? >> seasonally fruits is a great option. summer makes a great dessert. there can be various berries. of course, traditional grandma's recipes will be sauerkraut, mushrooms, potatoes. beef if anybody loves meat and anything you can think of can go into this. >> i will tell you what, i can't wait to try one and visit your restaurant. locale is located at 1904 west north avenue in chicago. and you can check out their all you can enjoy progy night every wednesday from 10:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. >> yes. >> and that's 10rs per person. for-- $10 per person. check out our page,
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these are delicious. very, very good. first the answer to our trivia question today. which baseball team features a race at every home game where four runners wearing the costumes race toward the finish line? the pittsburgh pirates? the minnesota twins or the milwaukee brewers. the answer is the pittsburgh pirates. >> who knew? >> we were thinking milwaukee. >> let's go to this to the radar. i've got some rain well down south of chicago. we aren't going to get in on this rain but we will get in on the cloud cover. it's drifting to the north and east and should spiral east away from the city of chicago. but the clouds are hanging a little far behind and that's expected to keep skies kind of filtery look up there, high thin clouds.
12:59 pm
seven day forecast notice we are still expecting some rain coming in on wednesday. and then there is that dip in temperatures on thursday. but a strong recovery as we move ahead into friday and saturday. another weather system will come in late in the weekend. looks like sunday and monday some rain across the area. early indications are this could be a good splash. by the way, that wednesday rain depending how late it lasts and howe cold the temperatures at night may mix with some heavy wet snowflakes. you want to watch tom skilling tonight at 9:00 and will give you an updated report on status of that storm and the one over the weekend. sounds good. thank you for joining us today. >> have a great afternoon. remember, we are back at 5:00 and 9:00.


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